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Hi! Good afternoon! My name is Nick van Maaren. I'm glad you took the time to visit my blog. I would like to tell you more about myself on this page, but I would much rather get in touch with you in real life!


I'd love to help you with:

Digital strategy

Let's figure out how we can achieve your ambitions in the digital world.

More insights

To measure is to know! Data is crucial for an effective approach.

More traffic

Let's work on your organic traffic, for the long-term.

More leads

Having a lot of traffic is nice, but how do you monetize your website traffic?

Work experience

From a young age I was involved in design, coding & marketing. In recent years, as a digital marketing consultant at Pixel Creation, I have been able to advise and support dozens of entrepreneurs, managers and marketing/communication professionals. I get energy from helping companies by using and sharing my knowledge of online marketing, web development and strategy. Within Pixel Creation I am responsible for the marketing department, the performance of our clients and I am also involved in the growth of the agency itself.

Pixel Creation

Online marketeer

jan. 2015 - now


Marketing internship

feb. 2018 - jul. 2018


Marketing internship

sep. 2016 - jan. 2017

Marketing, technique & strategy

In recent years I have noticed that my knowledge of marketing, technology and strategy is something that distinguishes me from many other marketers.

Online marketing

Online marketing is not only my job, but also one of my hobbies. For almost 10 years I have been immersing myself daily in all the possibilities that the internet has to offer. Would you like to realize more leads or sales? I'd be happy to help you determine the right strategy and achieve your online goals.


Besides online marketing I have another hobby: creating websites. Not only have I designed and developed websites for myself, but also for our customers. Because of this technical knowledge and design skills I'm in a unique position where I can help my clients solve problems where marketing, development and strategy meet. This background for example also comes in handy when setting up Analytics, Technical SEO optimization and Conversion optimization.


Making the right choices at a strategic or tactical level is of great importance. Based on the business goals, available data and my own knowledge and experience, I help you to make the right choices.


Learning new things is one of my favorite things to do. Especially when it comes to websites, marketing and strategy. My choice of study was therefore not really a surprise. Would you like to work with someone who really loves marketing and with whom you can also spar at a strategic level? Don't be afraid to get in touch!

Radboud University

Master in Business Administration (Strategic Management)

2018 - 2020

HAN, Arnhem

Bachelor in Commercial Economics (+ honours degree)

2014 - 2018


Google Ads
Search Certificate

Google Ads
Display Certificate

Google Ads
Shopping Certificate

Want to work together on the digital marketing goals of your business?

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